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Kyle Cepin

With a combined 15+ years in the event industry, service industry, renovation world, and hotel management, Kyle Cepin is our creative in command and founder of Cepin Experiential Productions. A true polymath, Kyle is the mastermind of concept, design, and execution on any and all projects. Whether it’s designing event logistics for food and wine festivals, building props and setting stages for theme-specific aesthetics, or rolling his sleeves up to get down and dirty with a renovation project, there’s no venture he considers new territory. In fact, as an experiential designer, he loves a challenge. His unique eye and brilliant vision for execution can convert even the grandest project dreams into a reality! 


To say we’re a jack of all trades doesn’t even do the Cepin Experiential Productions team justice. We’ve brought together the best from all over the country to help bring your vision to life. From event powerhouses to renovation masters, the Cepin Experiential Productions team at its heart is a group of passionate individuals that know what it takes to deliver stellar service and flawless execution no matter the job at hand. 

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